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12 week Transformation Package

Regain energy, lose weight and fix digestion!

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 1,297 Canadian dollars
  • Video call

Service Description

This Package is designed to give you results fast and is completely customized to your unique symptoms and health goals. You will get one-on-one guidance from me as we work through your symptoms and you'll learn fundamental nutrition and lifestyle strategies to ensure you keep feeling your best everyday! As part of the Package you will get: - (1) Initial Health Assessment (1- 1.5 hrs) which will include goal setting, thorough review of your symptoms, health history and Food Diary - (1) Wellness Plan Overview Session (45 mins) to review your Customized Wellness Plan including detailed dietary recommendations with a customized 7 Day Meal Plan, lifestyle suggestions and targeted supplements to address your symptom(s) - (4) Four bi-weekly Follow-Up Sessions (45 mins)* where we will discuss your progress and I will teach you foundational health principles so you can walk away feeling confident in knowing how to support your body - (4) Recipe books or Meal Plans with delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - Unlimited e-mail support for quick questions between sessions - All Sessions take place through video appointments *Some examples of topics covered in Follow-up Sessions may include (each package is customized to client's symptoms and health goals): - Learning to read nutrition labels - Pantry makeover: from processed to whole foods for energy, weight loss and good digestion - Inflammatory foods that are robbing you of energy, inflaming your gut and leading to weight gain - Review which foods are important to buy organic (fat cells store toxins!) - What "whole grains" really are and why you need them for energy - Best oils to cook with - Selecting quality proteins - Hydration for weight loss and a happy tummy - The right type of movement to support weight loss and feel energetic - Balancing Blood Sugar to avoid energy crashes and support healthy weight - Optimize your DIGESTION - which foods to include, which to avoid and tricks for good digestion - SLEEP Hygiene to leave you refreshed and rested - Understanding how STRESS leads to energy crashes and excess weight & strategies to de-stress - Activating your Parasympathetic Nervous System as key to good digestion, quality sleep, energy and balanced weight - Relationships + activities that boost your energy vs. energy drainers - Endocrine disruptors: your beauty and cleaning products could be throwing off your hormones, causing weight gain and keeping you sluggish

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To cancel or reschedule please contact info@annsirenko.com, at a minimum 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

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