FREE 7 Day Meal Plan for Hypothyroid/ Hashimoto's

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR SYMTOMS by fueling your body with the RIGHT FOODS!




Many women continue to experience these symptoms, even if taking thyroid medication...

Fatigue that no amount of sleep alleviates

Unexplained weigh gain

Hair loss

Brain fog

Depression/ mood issues

Digestive issues like gas, bloating or constipation

Sleep issues and more....

Are you thinking there's got to be more you can do to support or resolve your symptoms naturallyA Holistic approach can be a very helpful (and essential) part of restoring your thyroid's health!


My 7 Day Meal Plan is a great place to start supporting your body naturally and get your symptoms under control! 

Here is what you'll get as part of the plan:

Overview of the key difference between Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism

Know which tests to ask for to determine if your Hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimoto's

7 Day Meal Plan which is rich in nutrients to support your thyroid, free of common food sensitivities that cause inflammation (big part of thyroid healing), balanced meals/snacks to support blood sugar balance (another key with thyroid conditions!)

Grocery list which is organized into categories based on a typical store lay out, saving you time when you shop!

Substitution ideas to tailor recipes to your own preference

Symptom Tracker to help you track the changes in your symptoms following this plan 

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