Are you interested in adding high quality, therapeutic grade Essential Oils to your life? I love using DoTerra essential oils to balance mood, help with sleep, detoxify the body, ease digestion, cold/ flu prevention, stress management and other emotional support, make cleaning and body care products that are free of toxins and chemicals. I encourage my clients to add essential oils into their daily routines to support physical and emotional health naturally! 

There are two ways that you can shop with DoTerra:

1.  Shop at retail prices 

2.   Join  to get 25% off the retail prices by signing up

  • $42 enrollment fee or free with the purchase of an Enrollment Kit

  • Annual renewal fee is $30 and comes with a complimentary Peppermint oil valued at $35 (paid only if you place orders)

  • Choose to be a Wholesale Customer if you'd like to shop for yourself only or as a Wellness Advocate if you'd like to share the oil love and enroll other people

If you have any questions please contact me - I am here to support you!