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Beat dry skin with this simple DIY nourishing body butter!

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Natural DIY Body Butter

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ? I never used to think that what I put on my body mattered much for my health until I learned that body care products get directly absorbed into the bloodstream! Skin health is dependent on the health of the whole body, and in particular has a high correlation with the state of your digestive system. It is important to restore digestive function and balance to the body for glowing skin that comes from within 😊.

That being said, I like to minimize toxin exposure from conventional products and buy my skin and body care from health food stores or make my own! I have been making this amazing, nourishing and hydrating body butter for the past couple of years and wanted to share the recipe with you guys. I love how rich and moisturizing it is, the amazing smell and how good I feel knowing that what I am putting on my body is nourishing my skin rather then dehydrating it, putting toxins in my body or prematurely aging my skin.

If you are interested in checking the chemical levels in your current skin care check out the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. This is an expert from their site:

“Companies are allowed to use almost any ingredient they wish. The U.S. government doesn't review the safety of products before they're sold.”

Another issue that arises is that some chemicals may be tested individually and may be labelled as “safe” but this is only in the small amounts found in that particular product. In reality we are using multiple products per day and the chemicals are mixed and add up in quantity, impacting our hormones, thyroid function, liver function etc.. No testing is completed for the mixture of different products or the higher amount of the chemicals from repeated exposure and use of multiple products daily.

Hopefully by now you have been inspired to use cleaner body care products and I hope you love the simple and nourishing body butter recipe below 😊

Nourishing Body Butter


¼ cup shea butter

¼ cup cocoa butter

¼ cup coconut oil

2 tbsp jojoba oil


8 drops Bergamot (eats away at dead skin cells)

10 drops Frankincense (improves skin pigmentation, reduces scaring, anti-aging)

10 drops Grapefruit (reduces cellulite)

Note: Bergamot and Grapefruit may cause photosensitivity and exposure to sunlight should be avoided for up to 12 hours after application.


Step 1 – combine the shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil in a bowl

Step 2 – bring a pot of water to a boil and place bowl over the boiling water to melt the oils (make sure your bowl is bigger then your pot and is heat safe)

Step 3 – allow the liquid oils to cool, add in jojoba oil and essential oils (if using)

Step 4 – place mixture in the fridge for about an hour or so until it starts to solidify

Step 5 – whip with a mixer on high speed for 5-10 minutes until you get a light and fluffy consistency

Step 5 – place in jars and enjoy on your body (I wouldn’t recommend using this as a hand lotion as it is very rich and will leave your hands oily)

If you’d like to order Essential Oils I highly recommend using DoTerra for the pureness and high quality of their oils. This is the company that I use and I love the amazing benefits I have discovered. You can purchase at retail price or join and receive 25% off!!! If you have any questions about DoTerra please contact me.

Note: Recipe adapted from Wellness Mama Blog


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