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Tropical Smoothie

Don’t let the green colour of this smoothie fool you! It is packed with sweet flavour, antioxidants and nutrients to energize your whole body. It may remind you of a time you sat on a beach and sipped on something tropical with the benefits of some super foods packed in here. This is a great way to start your day or to have as a snack in the morning or afternoon when you need a bit of a pick me up.

Let’s talk about some of the key foods in this smoothie and how they are beneficial for your health:

Mangoes – improve circulation; high in the powerful antioxidant Vitamin C for a strong immune system and fighting free radicals; Vitamin E which is essential for production of male and female sex hormones and is important for anti-aging

Orange – can help to cleanse the body, strengthen the immune system, prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure; high calcium level keeps bones and teeth strong

Bananas – can be helpful in a variety of disorders including high blood pressure, heart disorders, high cholesterol, diarrhea, ulcers; feed the good bacteria in the colon to aid digestion and strengthen immunity

Spinach – cancer protection; contains alpha-lipoic acid which acts as a powerful antioxidant and may protect nerve cells; good source of B2 to help the body copy with stress; folate to help prevent birth defects, certain cancers and heart disease; calcium and magnesium help to build strong bones and teeth and lower blood pressure

Cilantro – powerful detoxifier helping the body get rid of heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, lead etc.; strong antioxidant to protect against free radical damage which is important to stay useful and healthy; helps support liver function and balance blood sugar levels

Hemp seeds – high in protein and have all essential amino acids (for more on this check out my post “Understanding the role of protein”), omega 3s and 6s for moisturized skin, hair and nails, heart health and are anti-inflammatory


1 C of mango (frozen or fresh)

Juice of 1 orange

1 banana

1 C of spinach

Handful of cilantro

2-4 tbsp of hemp seeds

Additional water (to desired consistency)

Optional boosters:

1 tbsp of coconut oil (good fats and anti-bacterial)

1 – 2 tbsp of chia of flax seeds (additional omega 3s and fiber)

1 tsp of spirulina (highly detoxifying and contains many nutrients)

Put all ingredients into a blender and drink up 😊


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