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Using MONO eating to reset GUT Health

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Do you constantly suffer with digestive issues like gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or perhaps had food poisoning and your gut has been off ever since? If this sounds like you read on...

When the gut is in distress it can be helpful to focus on simple ingredients as part of the digestive restoration process.

MONO eating can be super helpful to quickly reset the gut from severely bothersome symptoms, by focusing on one (or a few) key foods for a minimum of seven days to improve digestive function

Giving the gut a break from digesting hard to digest foods (such as proteins, fats and multiple ingredients) can calm inflammation, strengthen stomach acid and bile for better digestion and starve out unproductive bacteria that may be responsible for those symptoms.

I recently tried out a Mono Cleanse from the #medicalmedium Cleanse to Heal Book and wanted to share my experience. I had previously tried a Mono cleanse, which consisted of mono eating chicken, salmon and greens in separate meals with great results, but this cleanse brought a whole new twist to a more traditional style of Mono eating.

What I like about this version of the Cleanse is the complete break from digesting traditional fats and proteins, which allows the digestive function to strengthen and restore according to #medicalmedium (fruits, vegetables and greens all have traces of healthy fats and proteins)

So what do you eat on a Mono Cleanse? There are several options outlined in the Cleanse to Heal book, that are easy to digest, will give you enough calories to sustain you and keep you energized:

  1. Bananas (with optional lettuce)

  2. Papaya (with optional lettuce)

  3. Banana + Papaya (with optional lettuce)

  4. Steamed Potatoes (with optional lettuce)

  5. Steamed Peas (with optional lettuce)

  6. Steamed winter squash + steamed green beans, brussel sprouts or asparagus (with optional lettuce)

I was personally drawn to options #1-4 and did a little experimenting before committing to the full cleanse.

I personally found that potatoes left me VERY unsatisfied, tired and I had crazy cravings. I knew that I couldn't eat that way for at least 7 days. When I tried option #3 I felt lighter, energized and intuitively it felt right for my body, especially with warmer weather starting. Eating cooked foods can be more comforting in the winter and lighter fresh foods can feel more natural in the warmer months.

A few things to consider if you were considering a Mono cleanse...eating raw foods can be very detoxifying and may not be the right choice for someone with hypoglycemia (blood sugar dis-regulation), a sensitive nervous system or weak adrenals. Eating cooked foods won't be as detoxifying but you'll still be cleansing your body on ANY of these options.

It is also important to start your day with lemon water, followed by 16-32 oz of Celery Juice to boost digestive function, kills off unproductive bacteria, support neurons and brain function and keep you stable on this cleanse.

And is what I did and the results I experienced. For 9 days straight I ate only bananas, papayas and butter leaf or red leaf lettuce (and I ate A LOT of these foods) and here is what I felt:

  • Improved energy levels (I felt levels of energy that I hadn't felt in years)

  • Digestion improved with better bowel movements and less gas

  • I was never hungry (I ate every 1-2 hours)

  • I experienced some OLD cravings as part of the cleanse that I haven't felt in years, which can happen as old stored pockets of food are cleansed

  • Post the cleanse I felt I was absorbing more nutrients from the foods I ate (thanks to better digestive function)

  • Greater mind-body connection (could connect deeper in my meditation practice and experienced a greater sense of calm and peace)

  • This cleanse allowed me to go fully fat-free which I was not able to tolerate before

After the cleanse, I introduced other fruits and greens and felt even more energized and great and have decided to stay fully raw and fat-free for a little while for some deeper healing. It feels intuitively aligned for me right now with the warmer months of summer!

If you've been having trouble with your gut and don't know what to do next please book a free Info Call with me below to find out how I can help you!


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