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I help individuals
regain their ENERGY,
fix DIGESTIVE issues and
sustainably LOSE WEIGHT
so they can feel CONFIDENT and enjoy all the things they love to do once again! 

What would life be like if you woke up feeling energized every morning ready to take on all the things you want to do in the day and be fully present with your family and friends?


Imagine you could put on your favorite outfit and actually feel confident in your body!


What if you could resolve your digestive issues and didn’t have to undo the top button of your jeans after every meal? 

What if you could support your thyroid symptoms through nutrition + lifestyle?

My name is Ann and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I utilize functional nutrition, lifestyle strategies and natural supplements to help my clients:

  • regain their energy, sustainably lose weight and fix their digestive issues

  • gain control over symptoms of hypothyroid and/or Hashimoto's 

  • regain their confidence and enjoy all the things they love to do once again

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Transformation Program

Ready to regain your energy, lose the stubborn weight and get rid of digestive issues? Need support with hypothyroid or Hashimoto's?

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Custom Meal Plans

Have a food sensitivity? Need new meal ideas? I've got you covered with a 7 Day Customized Meal Plan 

What Clients are Saying...

Elmira A. (1:1 Coaching Client)


Ann helped me transform my diet, learn how to eat healthy and drastically improve my health and truly heal! I had many tests done and went through many doctors’ checkups, and all I heard is that I was fine when I really wasn’t. I almost lost hope and thought I would never get better and that’s when I came to Ann. She conducted a thorough assessment and did detailed research to help me figure out my exact issue. Ann suggested a list of supplements and created a detailed meal plan and only after a few weeks on the program I started feeling relief. We met every 2-3 weeks and every time she made me feel better. I started feeling like myself again and was so grateful that I met Ann. Ann is the most knowledgeable and caring nutritionist who not only provides an amazing healthy meal plans but also helps you truly heal. I am forever grateful to Ann!

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